See How Easily You Can Learn to Play Authentic Finger Picking Blues Guitar

From Texas to The Delta – Jim Bruce’s Blues guitar Lessons 

Get 8 Hours Of Proven Effective Blues Lessons Instantly

  •         Do you want to go beyond playing just basic chords on acoustic guitar, and learn finger picking acoustic blues guitar styles?
  •         Tired of lessons that don’t deliver, and would like to learn how to play real blues?
  •         Get 26 complete blues guitar packed video lessons delivered to you moments from now.
  •         Start playing acoustic blues guitar in the style of the great masters in days.

Each lesson is presented as a stand alone video file in Windows format (downloads) and is also delivered in Windows or Mac format on a data disk. PDF tablature file is included for printing out. Slow motion split-screen video of both hand techniques ensure a rich learning experience. At last, you can learn the authentic tricks used by the classic blues men. 

  •          8 hours of detailed tuition – download and disk
  •          An instant download link is provided immediately after payment
  •          26 complete lessons covering all major blues picking styles
  •          Separate tablature files for print out
  •          Slow motion close ups of both hands
  •          On-screen chord diagrams and tablature for quick reference
  •          Ragtime, delta blues, bottleneck and open tunings
  •          BONUS GIFT #1 Jim’s MP3 album ‘Metro’.
  •          BONUS GIFT #2 Acoustic Blues Travellers MP3 album ‘Wake Up, Walk Out.’

“Each lesson starts with Jim playing the whole song, at full speed. This is good to watch, although it can seem a little daunting, when you realize you’ll be learning to play the same tune!

Then the lesson itself begins, as Jim breaks the song right down into small, manageable sections that you can work on in a practice session. He also slows it right down, making it much easier to follow along.

In the relevant sections of the video, the guitar tab or chord/fingering charts are shown in the lower part of the screen, making it easy to follow.

One thing that can seem difficult when you’re learning to play acoustic blues guitar, is coordinating the picking action from your right hand, with changing chords and fretting notes with the left. In each of the lesson videos, Jim shows close ups of both the right hand picking technique and the left hand chord positions, so you can see more easily what’s happening.

Each of the different song sections are then put together, so you can soon make progress towards playing more complete parts of the song. Of course, there’s more than one way to play acoustic blues guitar.”

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Playing Through The Blues – on-line Blues Guitar Lessons

I’ve just finished looking at Griff Hamlin’s latest package, Playing Through The Blues – A Guide For The Lead Guitar Player.

Obviously I see a lot of products either because I’m looking for something specific, or because someone wants me to promote their product. Most of the time I’m less than impressed, but this product has me excited because it is so different from anything I have seen in a long time.

That is why I have taken the time to sit and type this post and tell you all about it. Learning the blues can be a frustrating task. It seems so simple, but only a handful of people seem to know the trick to really making it sound great. Griff and his team have put together what I believe is a really thorough, step-by-step method that has actually been tested and proven on his own guitar students over the past several years.

The main book provides all of the scales, techniques, theory, and tricks that you’ll need. It follows a simple and logical progression. Each chapter builds on the one before it. At the end of each chapter, you’ll be told exactly what you need to be able to do before moving on to the next chapter. You can’t fail with this.

The best part, however, is the audio examples and jam tracks. Every audio example comes with a full speed and slow speed version, so you can play along easily at first, and pick up the pace as you get better. There’s also 4 complete solos that really sound like they are from your favorite blues songs. You could memorize them and totally use them at your next blues jam or gig.

They demonstrate all of the techniques throughout the book, and give a very good “real world” example of the techniques and approach.

Also, there are 6 jam tracks that come with the package, so once you get going you can just play along with the band. And the tracks are really good quality, just like you’re jamming with a real band. It’s a lot of fun.

As a bonus Griff has included an excellent book full of turnaround and ending licks. Some of them are pretty straight forward blues, but a couple of them are real head-turners. As you can tell, I’m really impressed with this package as a whole. The testimonials on the website prove that I’m not alone. This is a very well thought out, tested, and put together system.

Don’t just take my word for it though, take a look for yourself by clicking here

Blues Jam Session – Blues Guitar Lessons

best blues guitar lessons on linePeter Morales has certainly put in tons of effort in creating what he calls the “Ultimate Blues Guitar Package”.

It consists of 60 blues backing tracks in every style with video lessons and improvisation guides.

The BluesJamSession package consists of:

* Over 60 blues backing tracks in every tempo & styles. * Video lessons, guides, chords and scale sheets * Step by step instructions guiding you how to improvise * Great for both electric, acoustic guitar and even wind instruments

It doesn’t matter at all if you’re beginner who is not proficient in improvisation as Peter Morales has provided tons of tutorials to guide you along.

The instructions are clear and concise, they are straightforward and extremely easy to follow. Even a complete beginner is able to master improvisations and techniques within minutes by following the videos!

Furthermore, the jam tracks covers a wide range of genres, styles, tempo, length for all musicians. Even if you play wind instruments, this package would be suitable for you…but of course, you just want to go anf grab your Strat

Another thing worthwhile mention is that they have very good customer support- When I say ‘good’, I mean they are able to reply all your questions within minutes to an hour with full politeness.

Negative Review:

Here’s the negative part.

The members area have pretty large downloads and certain files may take you longer time to complete the downloads due to their sizes. However, this is completely understandable as the tracks are pretty hi-quality. You can opt for the 2 CD physical edition in the members area which alleviates this problem.


Is BluesJamSession a worthwhile investment?

Honestly, I haven’t seen any other blues jam package that is as comprehensive and that’s available at such a low price. Have you?

The quality of the jam tracks and videos are probably among the best that I’ve seen… And yes, I’ve nearly missed out one of the most important parts- The varietiness of the tracks.

Speaking the truth, for every single style of blues they have actually prepared a few different tempo/length. Take a look at their track list.

Visit to download 60 blues backing tracks

To visit the official site, click this link