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The Blues Guitar Player

Hi Fellow Blues Enthusiast

and welcome to my website.

My name is Peter Jones and I’ve been learning Blues Guitar for about 8 years, on and off, sadly mainly off for the last 4 years (I’ll explain why in a moment).

This is how I first got into the blues and why I put this site up.

I’d been playing guitar, badly, just strumming open chords and the occcassional bar chord, for about 8 years. At first, that was quite exciting but as the years went by and I didn’t seem to get any better, I finally decided the time had come to do something about it. “Time I had lessons” I thought.

So I went down to my local music shop because I remembered the guy who ran the shop just doodling (if that’s the right words) some blues one day, when I was in there getting some new strings. His licks were so cool. So I asked “Do you give lessons?”. He did and that was where it all started.

“It’ll take me 7 years to make you a Blues Guitarist “he said, so I told him we’d better get on with it because I’m middle aged and time isn’t on my side (although I do think that blues guitarists, like fine wine, get better with age).

So we started, most weeks for 4 years. It was going ok. I had developed a nice vibrato, had mastered my pull offs and hammer-ons, and was weaning myself off pure pentatonic and blues scales solos and was moving into the mixalydian and dorian modes.

Then came the credit crunch. Unfortunately that was not a great time financially for my business or myself and so, with great regret, I had to put the blues guitar lessons on hold. I was stuck 4 years into my 7 year transition into a decent blues player.

So here’s the purpose behind this site. First up, I just like the idea of having a resource where I, and others can post their thoughts, tips and chat about blues. Also where we can compile links to video of our favourite blues players doing their stuff. And also, being completely upfront, where I can post links to resources which may pay me a bit in commissions which I can then use to fund the next 3 years of learning the blues.

This is a work in progress. If you don’t find your favourite blues player here, it doesn’t mean they aren’t coming, just that I haven’t yet got around to it.

But do feel free to send me an email with a request if you like and I’ll see what I can do.

Here’s to cool blues riffs