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Learn Blues Guitar: Free Report Shows How to Use the Blues Scale and Blues Chords to Play Awesome Blues Guitar

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how to play blues using the blues scale For a FREE copy of my Special Report “How to Play Blues Using The Blues Scale” please just enter your name and email address in the details box and I’ll email you a copy straight away.

Here’s what you’ll learn when you download your FREE copy of “How to Play Blues Using The Blues Scale“:

How to Play The Minor Pentatonic Scale– I’ll show you the 5 different ‘shapes’ you’ll find on your guitar fretboard and how to play the blues using the Minor Pentatonic in any key.

When to play and improvise blues licks and solos using the blues Minor Pentatonic Scale.

What makes The Blues Scale different from the Minor Pentatonic – it’s only one note but it makes all the difference and will give your playing that authentic bluesy sound.

How to play and improvise blues solos and licks in any key using The Blues Scale – when you’re familiar with the shapes you’ll be able to play in any key quickly and easily.

The Major Pentatonic Scale – The Minor Pentatonic is great for improvising licks and solos but sometimes you just want to add that little bit of something different. I’ll show you the Major Pentatonic Scale and how to play it – when you can play the Minor Pentatonic Scale then playing the Major will be easy as well….it’s the same shape! I’ll show you how you can easily find it on your fret board.

When to use the Major Pentatonic Scale – there are times during a blues progression when using the Major Pentatonic sounds good and times when it doesn’t. I’ll give you a tip on when to use it.

PLUS BONUS SECTION – How to Play Blues Uisng The Blues Scale includes a bonus section – “How to Play Blues Using Blues Chords” in which I’ll show you:

Blues Chord Progressions and Patterns. I’ll show you how blues is structured using a typical chord progression and pattern including….

The 12 Bar Blues. I’ll show you the blues chord progressions and patterns which make up a 12 bar blues

Basic Blues Chords. I’ll show you which chords in which key are used in a typical blues and 12 bar blues progression.

The Chords Which Make Blues Sound Bluesy. I’ll show you one of the major chord variations which gives blues it’s distinctive sound.

How Blues Chords are Made and Played. I’ll show you how to play these bluesy chords in two different keys, including the key which is arguably the key most often used by blues players.

And I’ll even give you an easy alternative, with ‘easy blues chord’ shapes which anyone can play but which always sound good To receive your FREE copy please enter your details below






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